Sunday, May 8, 2011

Savory Oats


Recently we had a culinary awakening - oatmeal beyond the breakfast table. Having a late breakfast we realized we need some protein so we salted our oats more than usual and topped them with over-easy fried eggs. We placed the eggs (with still runny yolks) and slightly browned butter from the skillet over the cooked oats and dug in. It was an amazingly good combination. The richness of the yolk and drops of golden browned butter were a nice contrast to the fat free and slightly chunky old fashioned oats.

A few weeks later contemplating a fast oats and eggs dinner a new thought occurred. Why does no one eat oats at dinner they way they do polenta? What if the oats were flavored with chicken broth instead of plain water? And if a little butter or grated parmesan were added could we have a dish much like a risotto but ready in only 5 minutes? Oh yes - it's possible and it tastes great while being better for you all at the same time!

It must be one of those food paradigms that will take a celebrity chef to break before we see savory oat recipes making it onto the scene as a legitimate side dish.