Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Delectable Beef Ribs in Paradise

Surfers at Honolua Bay

It's been said that swimming and playing in the surf makes you very hungry. Seems that was definitely so with dinner on a recent trip to the Ka'anapali Coast in Maui. Although we enjoyed fresh sushi almost everyday at lunch or as an appetizer before dinner, eventually our Midwestern roots and a craving for beef began to gnaw at us.

We rarely see beef ribs at home and were quite surprised to find them at the local Safeway for under $2/lb. Two racks came in the bag - 14 ribs total - enough for two nights dinner for two. That was a much better deal than going out to eat and spending $38 for a single pork chop in Lahaina.

Two of thirty gas grills at the resort

We were staying at The Westin Ocean Resort Villas and they had quite a few gas grills by the pools for use by the guests. We brought down some libations to keep us cool, fired up a grill and proceeded to get to a know a few of our fellow vacationers.

Since beef ribs are pretty fatty and the controls on the gas feed were not easily adjustable the ribs charred up pretty quickly with the flames from the melting fat. We moved them to one side of the grill and turned the heat off under the ribs in order to completely cook them through.

After about 45 minutes of playing with the gas controls the final result was delicious with only a light dusting of salt and pepper for seasoning. Some grilled asparagus rounded out the meal.